Aranmanai 2 (2016), Full Movie Online

Aranmanai 2 (2016)
Director-  Sundar C
Producer- Sajib
Actor-Siddharth, Trisha
 Relage Date--19 february, 2016

The movie starts with the Amman statue that was guarding the village from evil spirits and negative energy being kept into an underground room as the temple is undergoing a renovation. Not faraway from the temple a group of tantric practitioners makes use of the situation by awakening evil spirits for their own use before fearing and running away after observing an evil spirit that is so powerful moving away from that graveyard. The evil spirit enters the palace. One saint notices but the palace owner (Radha Ravi) ignores him. Later, the spirit attacks the owner and the owner goes into coma. His elder son (Subbu Panchu), arrives with his wife (Vinodhini Vaidyanathan) and their son Suresh (Nithin Manivannann). Together with them are his younger brother, Murali (Siddharth) and his fiance Anitha (Trisha Krishnan). Devadas (Soori) arrives as well, in disguised as his father, Sandhu Bondu Naadimuthu (Soori) who was a doctor and had contact with the land owners.

One night the family driver (Raj Kapoor) is killed and a couple of nights the older brother's son Suresh, does crazy things and says that someone is telling him to do so. Also Murali sees his father being elevated above the bed and gets scared. Anitha who also sees crazy things. Decides to call her brother, Ravi (Sundar C). On a night Ravi sees Suresh drowning and rescues him. He innicially suspects Manju (Poonam Bajwa), who was hired by the family as a nurse for Murali's father, but he soon realizes its not her since she has a different agenda. After that he put cameras around the house. A couple of nights later the elder brother goes missing and Ravi sees it. With the cameras he is able to identify the spirit that is causing havoc. Murali identifies her as Maya (Hansika Motwani) his younger sister.

Maya was loved by all, espicially by her father and Murali. She was also the owner of Maya Granites shown in the song Maya Maya. On the day before her marriage, she eloped with one of the worker's son (Vaibhav Reddy) and the whole family is shocked and disgraced. Three years later in Bangalore, When Murali went to do his project, sees her fully pregnant and tells her father and brother as they arrive to their house. Their father asks Maya to come back home to which she agrees. On the day she was supposed to arrive, Maya didn't show up, and Murali thought they ran away again. Later Ravi tells that its not true. Maya and her husband got off a stop earlier since her elder brother wanted them to arrive home safely. While traveling in a Jeep on the way to their palace Maya's husband was stabbed by the driver. After which he instructs Maya to go into hiding. But this plan failed when Maya's father arrives and tells her to drink the poison since she disgraced her families name and status by marrying someone who belonged to a lower caste than her. Maya agrees to her father's words with a condition that her husband should be spared alive. After she drank the poison Maya's elder brother kills her husband in front of her which made Maya to swear and vow that she will end the male generation in her family, before her father strangles her mercilessly. Ravi also tells that her primary target is Murali, since he told their dad and elder brother about their whereabouts and also Suresh, their older brother's kid. Manju tells that her uncle is a priest and lives near the Kerala border.

Ravi arrives with Manju to the priest. The priest disciples at first refused to offer a helping hand because the priest is just recuperating from myocardial infarction (heart attack) but before they leave the place the priest decided to help them and therefore started the pooja (prayers). After a few moments later the priest informs that Maya has possessed someone in the palace and it is revealed to be Anitha. It is also shown that Anitha killed the elder brother and also poisons her father as an act of revenge, even though he somehow manages to recover from his coma. Ravi decides to find Maya's corpse, while Murali, Suresh, and Manju try to distract Anitha by taking the entire family to the restaurant. Their main goal is to get Anitha's blood and put some holy ink on her hair. They managed to get her blood when she was cutting the apple, and one of the assistants(Manobala) manages to put the oil before getting trashed by Anitha/Maya. There Anitha goes to the house and tries to kill Murali and Suresh. However it fails and the priest manages to get Maya out of Anitha. Later Ravi and the priest decide to kill the spirit and the only way how is to be possessed by the spirit and stab its own corpse. Ravi manages to do it and completes it but the pooja, the priest gets chest pain and he tells Murali that their only hope is to go to the Amman Pooja that is happening in their village temple in which the Amman God is their final hope. Murali and Suresh get there with Ravi possessed by Maya trying to stop them. When Ravi is about to kill Murali, the Amman God uses her powers and avoids Maya's spirit from killing Murali and Suresh. Before she leaves, she sees her brother Murali who in return shed his tears for what had happened to his beloved sister while seeing at her. Before Maya disappears she smiles at the Amman. After this incidents Murali, Suresh and Anitha reunites with one another and Ravi reunites with Manju leaving the Aranmanai at the care of the caretakers. As everyone leaves the palace Maya's spirit enters a doll and returns to the palace waiting for the right time to back into action. The movie ends with a tag line indicating that Aranmanai 3.... Coming Soon.