Miruthan (2016) Full movie online

Miruthan (2016)
                                                      Directed by Shakti Soundar Raja                 
                                                      Actor--Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon
                                                      Relize- 19 Fabruary, 2016
The film opens with a stray dog becoming violent, after being exposed by toxic fumes, which then bites a security guard. The security guard becomes a zombie momentarily and starts a chain of human infections via bites.He bite others.

Karthik (Jayam Ravi) a traffic officer in Ooty who avoids from any danger as he has to take care of a younger sister in her early teens. He is in love with a Doctor named Renuka( Lakshmi Menon) but never proposes as all their meetings. Renu is engaged and is about to get married to Naveen (Amit Bhargav) who is also a doctor. Meanwhile, Karthik's sister is kidnapped and is suspected to be attacked by a zombie. The police of Ooty decides go just shoot whoever who had turned into a zombie. Karthik is also looking for his sister and killing zombies. He gets a call that to find his sister he has to come to some place. There he finds renu and her group of doctors finding a vaccine. Karthik also finds his sister and later comes to know that the doctors are tapped inside the house which is invaded by zombies. At that moment, the chief doctor, Dharan, is attacked by a zombie and does not tell anyone. With Dharan, Renu, another doctor Kamal, renu's father and Karthik's friend and sister all head to kovai, to find more zombies. Karthik unknowingly disturbs some zombies and they are force to take shelter in a mall which is opposite the hospital. Naveen is inside the hospital trying to find the vaccine. They get hold of a frightened security guard of the mall (Sriman). After sometime Dharan attacks Karthik's sister but she doesn't turn into a zombie despite being attacked for more than an hour. Kamal says that she will be able to help them in finding the vaccine. Despite the less time, Karthik, manages to bring everyone sagely to the hospital and gets attacked by zombies, he himself turning into a zombie. Renu realises her love for him but he turns into a zombie and attacks her leading her to shoot him. 2 days later, Karthik,who is completely a zombie now is seen on top of a bus which is going to chennai. The movie ends with a hint to the viewers of 'Miruthan 2'.All together movie discusses the problem that created by science itself and men who avoid it.