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Puli murugan  /2016 
Release Date-28 April, 2016

Puli murugan  is an Upcoming malayan movie. The film which was announced in December 2013 was reported to start production in September the following year for a christmas 2014 release, but eventually got postponed.The film was re-scheduled for a mid-June start, but was again postponed.Principal photography started on 17 July 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The film was shot using Arri Alexa XT. Other filming locations were Silent Valley and Attappadi in Kerala.The second schedule started in Pooyamkutty forest, Kothamangalam, Eranakulam district.The crew filmed in the interiors of the dense forests of Pooyamkutty for a few days. The forest department had strictly prohibited the public entry into this region.

While in Pooyamkutty city, a scuffle between the crew and the local natives happened reportedly at around 7.30 pm on 10 September 2015. Apparently, the driver of the lorry "Mayil Vahanam" which was being used by Mohanlal's character in the film started the trouble. Fistfights ensued between local people and the crew members. A native youth was hospitalized with severe injuries. In late September 2015, there were some reports that the filming which was undergoing at the forest areas of Pooyamkutty locality is halted upon a stay order issued by the Kerala High Court, after a petition alleging the production team was dumping harmful materials used for creating sets and planning to execute a bomb blast scene in the forest. And the court has ordered an inquiry on the subject. But this report was immediately denied by the production team, they told the filming is very much alive at the Pooyamkutty forest and there is no court order against the film. The filming is progressing at high secrecy with the help of police security, so the fake news may have created by those who are not allowed to enter the premises.

The final schedule started on 17 January 2016 at Ernakulam for filming the climax sequences in 18 days long schedule. The filming was progressed with high secrecy, with no media coverage allowed on the sets. Mohanlal joined the sets on the same day for a two weeks filming.