Loafer/2015 Full movie Online

Director--Puri Jagannadh
Producer--C Kalyan

Loafer is an Telugu film . It features Varun Tej and Disha Patani in the Main actors
Raja , is raised by his father as a thief. His arrogant father  takes him away from his mother Lakshmi  as a baby when she calls him a loafer. Raja always feels depressed for his mother's death. Raja and his father now live together in Jodhpur stealing money from others. Raja one day meets Mouni , a girl who has eloped from her evil father, a dreaded  who forces her marriage. Her brothers are also evil and support their father, they even kill their own mother after she slaps her husband as she does not accept Mouni's marriage and finally scolds them for their brutal ways. Mouni stays with her friend in Jodhpur and works as a tour guide. Raja steals her suitcase while his father steals her phone as soon as she enters Jodhpur. At first they go through a series of clashes, but they slowly fall in love. Mouni tells her aunt about their love, who is none other than Raja's long lost mother Lakshmi. However when her father's men find her in Jodhpur, he asks ransom to take Mouni without any harm, his mother sees this and scolds him and that's when Raja finds out his mother is still alive. Mouni breaks up with him. Raja saves them from her father's men and disowns his father after lying to him all these years. He then sets out to his mother's village but doesn't tell her he's her son. She at first doesn't let him stay at her house as she still hated him, but then after realizing Raja is the only one who can save the village from the crimes committed by Mouni's father and his sons, she does so. She orders him to save Mouni but not fall for her. Raja agrees to this but he still inside loves Mouni. Raja reveals to Mouni that he's her aunt's son. Raja's mother thinks her son is dead since her father said so. This causes Raja to hate his father even more. He meanwhile sends his friends from Jodhpur to lie to Mouni's father that there are mines in the village, so he makes everyone sell their properties only to soon find out that everyone has left the village and that this was all Raja's idea. He makes the police arrest Raja as they beat and injure him. Raja however escapes with his mother as she finally accepts him as her son. Raja beats up Mouni's father's men and sons until he is brutally stabbed by one of them. Mouni's father orders his men to kill his own sister until Raja stops them. When Mouni's father is about to kill Lakshmi, Raja's father comes in and kills him. Raja finishes Mouni's brothers as everyone reunites.