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HEIST  /2016
Height is an Upcoming American action movie. Directed by Scott Mann from a screenplay and story by Max Adams and Stephen Cyrus Sepher .“Heist” begins nastily, with Morris Chestnut and De Niro playing gangsterish fellows indulging in some sadistic torture. The scene is credibly nasty,in fact, in the tradition of contemporary cheapie crime movies that feel obligated to tell the viewer right away that they mean business, and the business isn’t going to be pleasant. Now I know crime doesn’t pay, but I also remember that crime movies can be fun. This gets off on a sodden foot right away, and that’s not even the worst of it. Things soon quiet down, with a dark-haired young woman waiting for a bus in the quiet late evening; her sit is intercut with frantic views of two men in masks running furiously, accompanied by loud music and sound effects that announce that One isn’t ten minutes in, and the movie has sapped one’s will to human life.Heist will released date April 1, 2016.