Fan / 2016 Full Movie online

 Fan -2016                                        
 Director--Maneesh Sharma
 Producer--Aditya Chopra
Release on April 15, 2016

Fan is an Upcoming ,directed by Maneesh Sharma. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan in the lead who plays the biggest fan of no one else but SRK The Superstar. A fan magazine is a commercially written and published magazine intended for the amusement of fans of the popular culture subject matter which it covers. It is distinguished from a scholarly or literary magazine on the one hand, by the target audience of its contents, and from a fanzine on the other, by the commercial and for-profit nature of its production and distribution.Scholarly works on popular culture and fandoms do not always make this terminological distinction clear. In some relevant works, fanzines are called "fan magazines", possibly because the term "fanzine" is seen as slang