ASTERIX /2016 Full movie Online

 ASTERIX /2016                                          
  Director-- Alexandre Astier, Louis Clichy
  Producer--Alexandre Astier

Asterix is a running movie in Theaters. In an attempt to wipe out a Gaulish village, Caesar plans to build an estate next to it to absorb the villagers into Roman activities.If ever there was a manual on how to take a classic (comics can be classics too even if they’re French!) and turn into something terrible, chances are it would be filled with references to the new Asterix movie.

The reason I’m choosing to use the boar reference to best explain how dreary and boring the adaptation of Mansions of the Gods (a delightfully funny 17th volume in the Goscinny and Uderzo original comics) is because the antics of the boar are far more entertaining than anything the Gauls get up to.

If you’re one of those people who grew up reading the comics, rolling in laughter every time a delightful pun was used or Obelix complained that he wasn’t fat, maintaining instead that his ‘chest had merely slipped’, then you should avoid this movie like the plague.

If Asterix is as alien to you as Greek history, then here’s the low down - Caesar wants to conquer the village of indomitable Gauls who resist his garrisons (and at times, the might of the Roman empire) with a magic potion brewed by their druid that makes them invincible.
It’s a very smash, eat, troll existence that they lead. Just them and their woods and the occasional Roman soldier to bash about. Until, Caesar uses a potent new weapon to get to them - capitalism and consumerism. After building a series of condos in the woods and getting the villagers to sell their goods for much more money than they’d ever imagined, the plan almost works.